Young People

MOI - Young People 2019


Watch any of the following videos to learn how you can Be Under Your Own Influence.


A spark is something you are interested in, something you love to do. Everyone has at least one spark, if not more. Find out more about your sparks by the actions you take and the interests you have!

Check out this video, Sparks Matter: Finding Your Spark, or take a look at the following questions that will help you discover more about your sparks:

  • Which subject, or topics, do you enjoy? For example: trains, dance, saving endangered species.
  • Which activities do you enjoy doing most? For example: sports, clubs, teams, arts, music, drama.
  • If you had a day to choose whatever you wanted to do, what would make you want to jump out of bed?


Through powerful stories told by influential role models, Natural High is helping youth develop the courage to live life well. Click on any of the following individuals to learn how they are living naturally high.


Click on any of the following links for resources for young people.

  • Just Think Twice: Get the facts on how drugs impact your health, your social life, your family, and your future.
  • Drug Free World: The Foundation for a Drug-Free World empowers youth with factual information about drugs.
  • Above the Influence: Helping youth stand up to negative pressures and influences by providing positive resources.
  • MOSAFE: Experiencing a crisis? Text MOSAFE to 741741 for help and support.

For more information on the Be Under Your Own Influence campaign, the prevention of substance misuse in Missouri, or if you would like to use our campaign products, contact the Project Director.