Encouraging Your Aging Loved One to Move into Assisted Living

Telling a senior family member about moving to a senior care center, such as a well-regarded assisted living community or an independent living with memory care facility, is one of the most difficult things to do. Whether you are faced with this choice for the first time or have had this conversation before; the experience will always be different for different people—some may find it rewarding and for some it can be scary. As family caregivers we need to make sure that we are in the listening mode because many times we just want to solve the problem and never think about how the person feels about the situation or what they may be thinking in that moment when they are facing a transition to a new living arrangement that will impact all aspects of their life, not just physical but also emotional and social as well!

Though no one wants to leave their home, most community for assisted living residents say their perspective changed after making the move into communities like The Residences at Plainview. 7 in10 say they now have a better outlook on life and more than half say they are happier with their quality of life than they were before moving. Many also see improvement in their physical health: about two thirds say that since moving into an assisted-living community like Riverview Senior Living or to a memory care community such as Gardens of Sun City – memory care they are in better shape physically than they used to be. You can visit sites like to get an idea.

Several reasons your elderly parents are likely to give for not willing to move into assisted living may be mere misconceptions. You may be able to help them overcome such concerns if only you were able to open their minds and hearts to the benefits of such a move instead of accusing them of being overly clingy or stubborn. If you have been trying to convince your parents to move to an assisted care facility to no avail, then perhaps it is time to employ subtle behavioral psychology tactics to persuade them to consider it seriously too. You may bring them to a facility like the ones at so they can see it for themselves.

Of course you know there are a lot of benefits to moving into assisted living apartments or to a community living for seniors or even to Summerfield of Encinitas memory care community as opposed to staying at home (or even getting live-in help) such as health and safety considerations among many others but here are three very important ones you must not forget to mention the next time the topic comes up at the dinner table:

1 – More Socializing Opportunities: As soon as you move to a senior community you will have a lot more opportunity to interact with others. You can hold coffee parties and BBQ’s with your friends in your patio and enjoy the views in the comfort of your living room.

2- Increased Mobility: Because you will be living in a secured environment you can increase the number of places you visit regularly simply by taking advantage of the fact that they are not accessible by walking only.

3- The financial Cost: Unlike what many people believe assisted living facilities like those at are quite affordable and can be tax deductible even in some cases depending on the nature of the services availed in the community in question.