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Prevention Resource Centers throughout Missouri work to help young people by supporting and encouraging development of healthy behaviors. We have been speaking with partners from various Prevention Resource Centers in order to share some of the efforts they're working on in their areas. Kristin Bengtson, Associate Director of Community Strategy, NCADA; Angela Toman, Director of Administration, Southeast Missouri Behavioral Health; and Ashley Campbell, MPS-Prevention Specialist, Prevention Consultants of Missouri, all shared information about some of the ways they're working to encourage positive behaviors and activities in their area by using Be Under Your Own Influence campaign materials.

AUDIO: Research shows that young people between the ages of 11 and 13 are the most vulnerable group to substance abuse. Bengtson explains the biggest issues and challenges with this demographic.

Alcohol use during early adolescence increases the likelihood of progression to heavy alcohol use and to the use of other illicit drugs. The influence of peers, family members, school, the media, and the community have been shown to play a critical role in promoting or discouraging alcohol use among teens. With the help of Be Under Your Own Influence materials, Prevention Resources Centers statewide are creating programs that encourage positive behaviors and activities for young people.

AUDIO: Campbell explains the steps Prevention Consultants of Missouri took in order to successfully launch an evidenced based campaign. She says that having the approval of your local community is a big first step for any operation.

AUDIO: Toman addresses how they're working with the Be Under Your Own Influence campaign in Southeast Missouri.

AUDIO: The Be Under Your Own Influence campaign was built for Missouri youth, and by Missouri youth. Toman says she believes that's a big reason that it's been successful in reaching young people in the area.

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